זיון 69 גבר מזדיין

זיון 69 גבר מזדיין

Yeah, all up to his excellency mock British accent lordArthur. He nearly collapses, his face twists in unbearable effort and anguish. Give it another push, Miguel! You can do it! There are ranks and there are skanks, no?! Leave something for later. He looks at his watch all wired. The guy is douchehog; he will let Bill Clinton wait, even if he was called up for a Nobel prize.

Can we have a bit time-off from your whiny Farid El Atrash?! Makes chopped liver out of this Bialyck poet of yours! I should have let the cadets rip you a new one back at boot camp, let me tell you! Fifty Dollar bills an wads wrapped in rubber bands. Puts it back in his pocket. They look up at the guys approaching, their face is hard and displeased with impatience. BobbyYou tell me, Eitan! Two more minutes andWe would be outta here. And for a good reason. You got the Fuloos?! EitanSure, sure, all the money is here.

Eric pouts but pulls out an envelope with bills, shows it all around. Shows it to everyone in a smug grin. The Persian siblings starts warming up to the appearance of the money, smiling.

No can do now. Moshe, now you pull one?! Are you off your rockers?! What are talking about dude?! Bobby Any problem, Eitan?! You should have got all your boys in line! Eitan No no no! You know Shabbat, right? Defiling the Sabbath is punishable by death! By worse than death! And not at sea! In a crocodile mire! Eitan Whoa, whoa, Harvey, no need to get all rash here! Bobby… Izam, can I talk with you in private for a minute?

The two exchange testy whispers as all wait for the outcome obediently. At last, they have a decision — they rejoin to the group. Bobby hushly brings Harvey up to speed as he yells after the Israelis. Bobby 10 AM Monday morning, yes?! It cost us two grands more!

Moshe and benny are already present, wearing distinguished white dress-shirts and semi-dapper jackets; their faces somewhat sour. The women set up the white clothed table while the men slouch at the sofas like sultans, throwing back shots of Arak. Probably stopped on the way to pick up some refreshments. She giggled naughtily and hands him the charge slip with her number written on it.

Eitan who sits at the driver seat shouts to him impatiently. The other night in the club Dana…? Why would she be there?!

How do you think she showed up in the club in the first place? Rice, potatoes, dumplings, salads, wine bottle and glasses, candlesticks with lighted Shabbat candles. Eitan hand-kisses the doorstep mezuzah.

Our sagacious of rabbis who has reached the outmost punditness! The guys sing along too,with sour, stressed out face which gradually go mellow and lit up. Shula serves pots and trays of food and spurs the guys do dig in. Moshe is happiest, singing louder than everyone with a robust musical voice, embellishing the tune with ethnic Mizrahi middle-eastern trills.

They have an extra special celebration. Moshe, in particular looks at his aunt in evident discontent. What have I said? Eitan tries to mend the mood. The all mighty is terrific for business. And charges bottom interest, prime plus Tzitzit! Dana is suddenly gags on the over-spicey food, caughs and turns red in the face. Shula looks at her fondly. Helped with the cooking but eats like an Ashkenzia….

Some are in the living room, chatting and chuckling. Dana is flirting there with Eric. Stay out of the kitchen…. Thick juicy T-bone; medium rare. They are sharing some info with great enthusiasm. All the heavy hitters Get together there on a Friday night, showing it off with some loaded wallets. There are a few sharks there; you gotta play it smart — come in low profile, walk out tall. You know me, I need to pump myself up with some trash talk.

Benny Spector is no sucker. Only easy does it. These are snakes, trying to pull you in, get you throw down a larger stake. You say you gotta tale a leak and you come on out to consult us. We got your back. And the Chinese guys to build it for them. Suits sit well on me…. Benny is on a crazy roll, slamming it with queens threesomes and jacks foursomes. The chips pile in front of him swell up gradually. The fat Italian, Vinnie the Fish, examines Benny with his look, then gives an almost unnoticed nod sideways to the slim Italian, Fusilli the Noose.

Benny has just taken a painful loss and almost all his chips are grafted away from him. He sweats bullets and looks defeated and at a loss. Vinnie the Fish slouches back, all pleased with his mighty pile of chips.

The other slim Italian, Fusilli the Noose, turns to benny with a friendly suggestion. Fusilli How about it, chum? You think you had enough? Benny is dumbfounded, at the end of his wits.

Struggling to think straight. Benny I… maybe I… I gotta pee. The door thug blocks his way, waiting for a sign from Vinnie. Vinnie nods; the thug moves aside letting benny flurry out of the room with his head down. Dana and eric are kissing in the stairway. Benny, who is coming from the back room, stumbles in, comes over to them, tense and embarrassed as hell.

These are real sharks in there. Cut the dissing shit! Twenty something large ones are no small change! Benny, what the fuck?!

What went through your head, man?! But it also relates to text messages and to tradition. Guy explains this and more on today's episode. Tsarich limsor et ha-bakasha - One needs to physically hand over the application. Efshar limsor la vaksha she-Guy hitkasher? Gali Atari - Od Yom lyrics. Masoret Yehudei Maroko - Jo Amar. From "One could think" to "without thinking twice" and "think about it", this episode teaches all the thought-related expressions you can, well, think of.

Mishehu hoshev aleicha m. Shalom Hanoch — Laila lyrics. It is used for all things caring, like: Ken, ha-emet ichpat li - Do you mind? Poliana Frank - Ziva lyrics. Noa Kirel - Lo ichpat li Lyrics below clip on youtube. Hevra ezrahait Civil Society. Livuy La-haim - Nehiga ba-laila. Ester Ofarim - Hayu Leilot lyrics. Likud election campaign Gilad Segev - Shtei Dakot lyrics.

Today we are covering the root shavar, which gives Hebrew its words for break, broke, broken. There are plenty of unexpected phrases to learn with this root, one of which is not for kids, so please listen to the episode without them first. Yitshak Klepter - "Tslil Mechuvan" lyrics. Dionne Warwick - "Heartbreaker". Most difficult Polish words. How do you say Thai food in Hebrew? Bomba Tsur - Ochel lyrics. Yigal Bashan - Hayech, achalta ota lyrics.

Yoni Grave - Shesh Ba-erev lyrics. Madrich le-Slime achil Eden. You'll find it on Patreon. Streetwise Hebrew Episode Dana Berger — Yesh Be-ze Ta'am lyrics.

Lahakat Hel Ha-yam — Hasake lyrics. Nurit Galron — Kulanu Zkukim Le-hesed lyrics. Sexta — Noladti La-shalom lyrics. Riki Gal — Yeled Ra lyrics. Sivan Shavit — Kartis Tisa lyrics. Lior Yainy — Bo'i le-Eilat lyrics.

David Broza — Yihye Tov lyrics. Sarit Hadad — Ba-hom shel Tel Aviv lyrics. Qasem Al-Sultan — Bas Yomein. Halom is a dream in Hebrew, plural, Halomot. Ruhama Raz - Halomot lyrics. Alma Zohar - Nad Ned lyrics. Eifo Ha-yeled - Olam lelo Halomot lyrics. Yizhar Cohen - Halomot Shmurim lyrics. The Tel Aviv municipality launched a new campaign to encourage people to pick up after their dogs.

But it has another meaning in the Tel Avivi gay lingo. What does it mean? Adir Bublil - Tarimu. Golstar reality TV show. Ilanit - Shana Tova lyrics. Shiri Maimon - Kvar Lo Shelcha lyrics. Yehudit Ravitz - Derech Ha-meshi lyrics. Mabat - Siyur be-ramat ha-golan. Hayom ha-ze - Tat rama. It has to do with separation, borders and partitions, so you can imagine how popular it is here in the Middle East. But it has more meanings, for example at the hair stylist, in a stadium or even on a banana peel.

Hitchalakta al ha-sechel - Are you out of your mind? Partition plan, Tochnit ha-haluka. Uri Hizkiya mehalek itonim. Kotrot He-avar, past headlines. Mahleket asakim, business class. David Broza - Yihye Tov lyrics. Paul Simon - Slip Sliding Away. Rafi Perski - Million Dollar lyrics. Gazoz - Shir Avoda lyrics.

Almost everybody knows the word chutzpah, audacity, brash behaviour. When is it positive and when is it negative? Irit Linur - Galey Tsahal Radio. Rami Kleinstein - "Hanichi Li" lyrics. Ma osim kshe-ha-yeled mithatsef - Reshet Alef Radio. Ahmad Tibi - Arutz Ha-knesset. What do Hebrew speakers use as fillers?

And what did we borrow from Arabic? Looking to support the show? Learn how on Patreon. Dafni Liff interview Hinuchit TV. X-Factor - Orian Rakia. Meir Ariel - "Shoef Le-efes" lyrics. Shoshana Damari - "Zot Omeret" lyrics. Idan Amedi - "Az" lyrics. Arik Einstein - "Shavir". Like Streetwise Hebrew on Facebook and Instagram.

Find him at StreetWiseHebrew. Learn why this is important, especially for people who want to improve their Hebrew. New words and expressions: MK Shelly Yachimovich interview. Eretz Nehederet - Vetagid li. Noa Kirel - interview TV2. Efrat Gosh - "Ah Ah Ah" lyrics.

Arnon Tsadok interview — Hinuchit TV. Bar Mitzva Erez Nehederet parody show. Today Guy talks about "around", "about", "8-ish" and more. Ken, mashu kaze — So at eight? Shmone tesha kaze — When should I come? Tavi kacha 20 — How many boxes do you want? Gay marriage is new to the world, and Hebrew, a gender-based language, has to face the music and find new ways to talk about it.

On this episode, Guy talks about an email from a married gay listener. Looking for the Hebrew versions of our episodes or other Patron-only content? Guy's recent Skype chat with Patrons covered, among other things, California's wildfires and Hebrew podcasts produced by the Israeli Broadcasting Corporation. Want to join our Skype chat next month? Congratulations Arabic lesson by Maha. Everybody is going somewhere for the high holidays here in Israel! This is a good opportunity to talk about trips, passengers, driving, and other key Hebrew words.

How do you help someone park in a tight parking spot? Life in Israel is always exciting! Often we meet weird people and encounter strange situations. How do we talk about these things? What do we tell our best friends after stepping out from the wierdest meeting ever?

Eich lavo, efshar be-jeans? Hu, ha, mi ze ba, rosh ha-memshala ha-ba! Hu-ha, mi ze ba, oniya im aruba — Hu-ha, who is coming, a ship with a chimney —! This week, Guy teaches a few handy expressions with it. What do you say to someone who is mansplaining to you? Slicha, efshar latset lehitpanot? Sometimes one needs to whine 'lekater' and to go over the top.

Israelis love to complain and use words like inferno, hell, nightmare, torture, and other flowery terms to describe another horrible queue at the bank. How do we use it in this day and age and how do we differentiate between a platonic friend and a serious partner? Kama ha-haver lo ratsa lavo lekan hayom? This episode is all about the nuances of an interesting word for all these contexts. Yona Atari — Wikipedia Heb. Ili Gorlitski Wikpedia Heb. StreetWise Hebrew gets scientific: Meant for listeners who want to develop their advanced language skills, these episodes are entirely in Hebrew.

Have a listen and let us know what you think. Should we keep it going? Four years ago, we aired our first show, and this month, in August , we are celebrating more than 1. So you went to buy clothes in a Tel Avivi shop. Yesh et ze be-mida yoter gdola? It's so hot in Tel Aviv, you cannot believe it. But if you want to say, "I am hot", don't translate directly from English to Hebrew.

Listen to this episode first. You'll understand in a minute. A teenager in central Tel Aviv said something to his friend on the phone that made Guy think: How do we say 'whiner' and 'to whine' in Hebrew? Today's episode is about the word 'bachyan' and its variations.

How do you tell someone not to do something in Hebrew? How do we give it a boost to emphasize what we really mean? We can also say 'nehmad,' but in fact mean the opposite!

And what do we say about a waiter who is 'too nice'? Guy gives us the nuances of 'nehmad' in this week's episode. Ach be-kupat holim nisa lehathil iti o she-hu stam haya nehmad?

Eich ladaat im hu stam nehmad o ba-keta? El mi hayinu nehmadim? Rak le-dodim ule-dodot — To whom were we nice kids? The word 'lidfok' in Hebrew is to knock or hit. As you might imagine, it means some more explicit things too. This episode is not child friendly! Guy nearly gets lost in the possibilities, and he even finds a Yiddish connection. But don't take his word for it! At yechola litfos li makom leyadech? We always talk about what's around the corner or why it's a bad idea to cut them, but never the corner itself.

So on this episode, Guy gives corners, 'pinot' in Hebrew, the attention they deserve! So you're shopping around for a short-sleeved shirt, and stop for an espresso. Or the boss says don't take shortcuts, but a friend's constant adventures stresses you out so much it practically shortens your life! Yesh lach zman le-kafe? Ken, katsar aval — Do you f. The melodies of a language, Guy says, are equally as important. Think you already know Hebrew inside out? Ata rotse lashevet bifnim o bahutz?

Ze yisgor li et ha-pina, o she-zo mana mamash ktana? Someone cut you in the line at a Tel Avivi market, just stepped right in front. What do you say to put them back in their place? That is, back behind you in the queue. Some say kissing is a universal language. But what about giving passionate French smooches or just a peck in Hebrew? Guy divulges the details.

Kama neshikot mitnashkim ba-aretz? Let's face it; you don't want to watch that movie your friends are going to see. Slicha, aval pahot mat'im li karega — Sorry, it's less convenient for me right now. Pahot hitchabarti — How was the movie?

Why did the video become so viral? What exactly is the funny ending 'habai-ta,' if the word 'bayit' means home? Host Guy Sharett has returned home! Listen to the most educational snippets of that chat guided by our studio manager Itai. The root of the word can be expressed in a plethora of ways, so host Guy Sharett teaches us how.

Nasu be'atsmechem — If you guys don't believe it, try it yourselves. Lo, asuk — Wanna meet now spontaneously? No, I am busy. So you're in Israel. How do you tell someone to "wait a minute" or "hold on a second? Od rega, ha-shakshuka ba-derekh — Just a sec. We use it to talk about the rain, internet downloads, mocking our friends, taking shots of alcohol, and more raunchy terms you should definitely know - which is why this episode isn't suitable for younger listeners.

Ata lo yachol la'asot et ze yoter be-noam? Make sure you listen well! The episode is short and sweet. So you just saw the coolest concert, and then your friend made you the best soup you've ever tasted. Sometimes you just need to tell the world. But how do you do it in Hebrew? Exclusive content for patrons. Seret madhim she-ata lo mevin — You cannot realize how amazing it is Lit: Exclusive content for Patrons.

Zehu — May I have a bit more? Tipa'le yemina, tipa smola, od tipale. Slicha, efshar od tipa halav? Eize matana ve-eize naalayim? How do we use it, and what happens when we add it to mashehu, "something," or mishehu, "someone"?

On this week's episode, Guy teaches the words you need to know when surfing the web. Any guesses of how to say "to google" in Hebrew? Looking for the monologue text?

I will become a fluent Hebrew speaker. But how do we say 'become' in Hebrew? Ma nihya itcha, itach, itchem, itchen — What's with you m. They get juicy - want a bite? Asita li fadihot ba-schuna — You made fadihot to me in the neighborhood lit.

Asita et ha-fadiha shelcha Sounds like: And the group talks about what dreams Guy has for the podcast, including the book he's working on. Exclusive Content for Patrons. Does your Hebrew improve after a couple "lechayims"? It's how journalists receive the latest news updates, it's how sports teams arrange lifts for upcoming matches, it's how school parents communicate about homework, and, of course, it's how friends plan their weekend get-together.

No'ach lach machar ba-boker? No'ach lachem ha-yom me'uchar ba-layla? Ze beseder im ani avo im mishehu? Today host Guy Sharett answers all these questions and more, with tips, tongue-twisters and a touch of socio-linguistics! One of the first words Israeli children learn is "kacha" - "like this" - especially when they keep asking "lama? You may even have been told "kacha" by your Hebrew teacher when you asked too many grammar questions.

Today host Guy Sharett answers all your questions about "kacha," and gives some examples of how it pops up in Israeli slang.

But it can also mean "he claimed" or "complained. Yesh lachem be-mikra mat'en le-iphone hamesh? We cover everything from basketball, to math, beer and music, plus we even get to hear some iconic Israeli poetry. How do you deal with these people?

What should you say to them in Hebrew? Efshar lachshov mi at — One might think you were someone lit. What an exaggeration, who do you think you are? Today we're getting negative. Double negative, in fact. So, unlike in English, we use two negation words. Oh, and while we're learning, we also get to listen to some beautiful French and Brazilian songs. Od lo yatsa li — It hasn't come out to me yet lit. Im yotse lecha — If it comes out to you lit.

Ma yatsa lecha mi-ze? What did you gain from it? Kama yatsa basof — How much did it come out as in the end? How much was it in the end? In this, "Part 3" of the chat, we hear different ways to say how tired we are in Hebrew, and our Patrons tell us how difficult they think Hebrew is to learn compared to other languages.

Part 1 ; Part 2. In this, "Part 2" of the chat, we hear some small anecdotes from our patrons' daily lives, including start-up secrets and server mishaps, and Guy explains some grammatical points as we go along. Over the next three weeks we'll be airing pieces of the Skype chat host Guy Sharett had with some of our Patrons in March. In this, part 1 of the chat, we meet the Patrons and hear about some of their experiences visiting Tel Aviv and trying to use their Hebrew.

In a country where everybody tells you what to do, how to do it, and when, it's only natural the word "adif" - "it's preferable" - would be a word you hear every day. Host Guy Sharett explains how we use "keta" to say that we're not into something, or to tell our friend how un funny they're being. Get ready for a feel-good episode!

Zo she-tsricha lilmod lefargen le-atsma — The one fem. Lefargen lecha eize ugat shokolad? Today's episode teaches you how to do something very useful on the Israeli streets - to stop someone who's talking at you and tell them "listen! Today's episode is all about "mazal tov.

And what do you say when you're not sure if it's a boy or a girl, in a gender-based language like Hebrew? Host Guy Sharett has all the answers.

One of the first things we learn to say in a foreign language is "how much does it cost? We have to know how to "charge" as well. Kama ze ole li ba-shura ha-tachtona? Asking for the bill is one of the most important things to learn in any language. But "heshbon," in Hebrew, is about much more than just settling the account. On this episode, host Guy Sharett explains how Israelis do self-reflection, how they break even Are you playing by the "klalim"? Host Guy Sharett takes us through all the rules, regulations, generalizations, and exceptions.

Ma tsarikh likhlol heskem gerushin? In Hebrew we like to set meetings, rendezvous, appointments. Eich kov'im ma yihye godel taktsiv ha-medina? Az eifo kavanu, tazkir li? Rotsim lishmo'a al ha-metukim shelanu? The root "nun-pei-lamed" is all about falling - "lipol" means "to fall. Ma hu nafal alay achshav? If you want to listen to part 2, or even take part in the next live chat, head over to our Patreon page.

From family members to boxing matches to intestines. Ata yachol lekarev et ha-salat ktsat? The word "miss" has many meanings in English: You can miss a bus, a lesson, miss someone, miss the point, and much more.

Hebrew does not use one verb for all of the above, and some acrobatics is needed. Host Guy Sharett explains. You probably know that ochel kasher is "kosher food. And what does the verb lehakhshir mean, and how is it all related to talent? Host Guy Sharett explains all. And how is the first name Raphael related? In this episode Guy Sharett explains all things medical. Ha-yom anachnu holchot ledaber al eich laasot roshem rishoni hiuvi — Today we're going f. Wow, achi, sichakta ota, toda!

Hu be-inyan shel banim o shel banot? Sometimes we're just "in basa" - in a state of annoyance, not really angry, but just bummed. From telling the time, to sports, to fashion, "hetsi" gets everywhere.

But when do we say "hetsi" and when "hatsi"? Listen to find out. The Middle East is a place where people swear "on the honor of their mom" without thinking too much. Even advanced learners have difficulties with the pagash-nifgash verb forms, both meaning 'he met.

Az eich ze ba-sof she-kulanu nifgashim im otan ha-haba'ot? The word for "support" - "tmicha" - is vastly used in Hebrew, mainly in the context of tech support. The verb is "litmoch. The word "dkira" - "stabbing" - is unfortunately becoming the soundtrack to our lives here in Israel at the moment.

We promise a special sanity episode once things get back to normal. How do we sleep in Hebrew? Yeshena, yeshenim, yeshenot — Sleeping f. TV2 shnatz Shnat Tsohorayim Clip: This is a good opportunity to learn how to thank someone profusely and cynically in Hebrew.

Hebrew has this interesting structure: Verb "haya" past tense of "to be" plus a conjugated verb in the present, like "hayiti holech. Ma Atem Hayitem Osim? He's made aliyah since then.

How are you supposed to know which one it is? Shalom, efshar laazor — Hello, may I help? Ata yachol laazor li bevakasha? At yechola laazor li bevakasha? It was really fun. Like many kids, they suffer there because they want to fit in in the new country and because often the teachers are not really enthusiastic about teaching language, and in the case of Hebrew, there are rabbis at Talmud Torah schools in New York who teach Hebrew with a Yiddish accent and not contemporary Israeli slang like we learn here.

I have a tour there where we learn tombstone Hebrew. TV1 Police Chief report. Ma kara, ma kara? Az ma od kore itach — So what else is happening with you? Tagidi ma kore itach? Yesh lachem be-mikre chalav soya? Shtuyot she-israelim omrim — Nonsense that Israelis say.

TLV1 Radio , the home of our podcast, has a few more shows for you to check out. They all focus on Israel in one way or another. You can find the podcast at tlv1. Playlist and clips used: How come some mistakes in a foreign language sound worse than others? Efshar kise — Could I please have a chair? Efshar ledaber im… — May I speak to… — Playlist and clips used:. Commercial — Hufsha Mishpachtit. Commercial — Haloch Va-shov.

TV2 Story — Shidrug, Upgrade. Playlist and clips used. Religious tolerance in Israel — TV TV2 — Behavior in the Knesset.

How do we ask for more milk, for an encore or for another goal in a football game? Efshar od ktsat kafe? Tagidi li od paam — Tell me fem. Erik Berman — Ma Od Bikasht? Host Guy Sharett shares his top 10 tips on how to rejuvenate your linguistic inner self:.

Find stuff you love and read about it in Hebrew. Israeli National Radio in 14 languages. Saying new words out loud. Talk to the Google Translate App.

Tandem with a Hebrew speaker. Magazines, children books, newspaper, websites, inflight. All Chakras - Meditation, Balancing and Tuning. Yesh lecha zman machar? How do we give in Hebrew? And what is 'latet barosh' - 'to give in the head'? Ten li et mispar teudat ha-zehut shelcha — Give me your ID no. Slicha, mi natan lachem lehikanes le-po? Excuse me, who let you in here? Tagid, kedai li liknot nayad chadash?

Efo kedai lishon be roma? What about just "pit'om" by itself? StreetWise Hebrew gets geeky! Making your Hebrew sound truly conversational is an important but tricky skill. How do you start a new topic, for instance? How do you urge someone to get to the point? What sounds do you make when you nod attentively? And how do you show shock, excitement, or enthusiasm? Az ma chadash —? Ma od bikasht —? Az ma od —? Az ma od kore itach —? Ma im eli, ma im tal, tagid, ma im shai —?

Ma im ha-chaver —? Ma im ha-tiyul —?

: זיון 69 גבר מזדיין

זיון 69 גבר מזדיין His face crampsand he twitches, falls to his knees and ישראליות מזדיינות קוקהולד ישראלי on the curbside. We are a team of volunteers and starting a new project in a community in the same niche. I am a 19 year old female quadriplegic and a mother of a two-year-old daughter. I will come to some understanding with those guys… made or not…. And like in any successful venture, the key facet is hand picking your partners….
נשים בהריון עושות סקס  Thank you for creating this web-site, and I will likely be visiting. Jul 15, I am a regular visitor of your site and appreciate you taking the time to maintain the nice site. May 13, Words and expressions discussed:
אתרי פורנו חינם הומאים סרטים סרטי סקס מלאים חינם סקס שלישיות
How do you start a new topic, for instance? A good blog with interesting content, this is what I need. Sarit Chadad — Rak she-teda et ha-emet Lyrics. So how do you use this word, and how can you even turn it into a verb? I think it'll improve the value of my web site: How to Hold Your Own Apr 11, זיון 69 גבר מזדיין

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