ישבן ענק סקס חזק חינם

ישבן ענק סקס חזק חינם

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We detected nice, clean, human readable links for your visitor. No outgoing links were detected on this page. A page title is the first thing that shows in the search results so always use the title element. After arriving at Labadi, an island that is part of Tahiti, I did not feel at all like going ashore this week. The weather was overcast and the sun did not appear at all.

This is the height of winter in the Caribbean islands. If this is the weather here, it means the weather is very bad at the mainland US.

Blizzard, snow, hail and rain. Anna pressed me to get off the ship and get some air and I was persuaded to do so. I hit the beach and for the first time in weeks I lay on a deck chair and began to feel relaxed when suddenly it began to rain. Within a few minutes it became strong warm tropical rain. Guests who were around me did not understand why I was laughing so loudly.

I caved in quickly and waited under an awning for the rain to pass before I returned smiling to the ship. Evita H arrived to the cruise from Chile, with her husband and three children.

The desk referred her to work with Dana. The Irish Desk Manager is not even trying to distribute an equal sharing of the desk references. Later it turned out Evita knows a little English but did not appear to show it. Very quickly, I was called again to translate and to mediate between her and Dana. At that point Dana asked if I would take care of Evita instead of her. When I asked Evita if she would like to work with me, her face beamed with delight.

She took a package of 5 treatments and bought herbs for her and her family. Thanks to Selma my Spanish teacher, who insisted for years on writing me emails in Spanish, so that I will not forget the Spanish I had learnt from her This week I worked with lots of guests from Canada.

On embarkation eve I met the lovely Sharon and her husband Ross. Ross looks like Clint Eastwood as a young man. That embarkation Sunday eve was a special day, Saint Valentine's day. Sharon first complained about high cholesterol but at the treatment room she asked if I can help her increase her female libido. It turned out she had a hysterectomy four years ago now 56, but looks shapely and attractive even after 3 births and since then she has not felt any desire.

She fears that for this her husband would leave her. Ross, her husband of 35 years complained of anxiety and difficulty in breathing. He loves her passionately and immediately agreed to join his wife's wish and asked me to treat his libido too. Both agreed to postpone the treatment of the issues they came for in exchange for strengthening the Chinese kidney systems.

The formulas were given to both of them while lying on the treatment tables and while the needles were working their mysterious ways. After the treatment they were sent to their cabin to spend the first night of the cruise under the auspices of St. The next day they came for the second treatment of the five. I have heard them from afar giggling and shy like two college students who have done it for the first time.

The spa personnel, who were brought in on the secret by them, cheered and greeted them. When I asked Sharon how was last night she claimed that she had experienced the best sex ever with her husband.

As for the other issues, they were treated too at other sessions but suddenly they became much less important On Thursday I presented a seminar to the food and beverage team. The whole team has members. All but a few were present. It took me two weeks to organize and coordinate it with all the departmental bureaucracy and senior staff. The seminar was held at a restaurant with a large screen showing a presentation prepared on the subject of lower back pain.

The time allotted to me by the restaurant manager Fabio Italian, 38 was about thirty minutes. The idea is presented to the waiters, cooks, chefs, etc that they will receive a subsidized price for treatments in Chinese Medicine.

The waiters treated will then tell guests how wonderful we are and will take care to refer them to us. The idea came to me at the Captain's Club party when I saw the waiters, holding trays of plates, move like drunks as the ship moved from side to side.

It was clear to me that everyone working in these conditions might suffer from back pain that may develop into a severe and chronic problem. Just before the hour Fabio asked all the waiters, cooks, chefs, etc. Like a trained military unit they were all dressed in their best professional attire, stopped everything and sat expectantly. When all eyes lay on me I felt a little pressure, but soon enough I came into myself and things flowed.

For a dessert, especially because one of the chefs asked discreetly the day before if I can stimulate his libido, I told the story of Valentine's Day and the Canadian couple who had rediscovered love. When I finished by saying that the woman claimed the next day that it was the best sex she had ever experienced, I was interrupted by applause and cheers What can I say An Hollywood style wedding, infertility, separation and anxiety treated by Chinese Medicine aboard a Caribbean cruise ship Sunday at The moment I had entered the restaurant "Grand Apernei", Predrag my Serbian friend immediately saw me over the heads of some diners and turned and headed towards me.

The restaurant, called affectionately "the dining room" contains at a time diners on two levels and waiters. It serves mainly guests 2, on average in four shifts, starting at six in the evening and ending at midnight. Every Sunday at , on hearing the emergency siren, we stop the embarkation procedure to go to our emergency mustering station - which is at this restaurant. We wear bright vests and guide the guests to sit and prepare to see the emergency video and listen to our Greek captain who runs the weekly emergency drill.

Right away Predrag offered me a seat in the restaurant designated for guests only and a Kosher meal out of closed boxes - like airplane meals. As I wake up at six thirty every morning and arrive in the Ocean View Cafe at about seven, I've sat with Predrag a couple of times for breakfast. I have already had dinner in the Ocean View and only came to the restaurant to say goodbye. Just this morning he informed me he was leaving The Solstice the following morning after the landing in Fort Lauderdale - to be a restaurant manager in another ship.

So just before a new ship is launching, there is a movement of professional and experienced staff from other ships to the new one. We hugged and exchanged email addresses. Very quickly I will adapt to the fast lifestyle and mobility of the staff around me - in the Spa as well.

Although it seems like it…this is not yet the end of my story with Predrag…life has brought us together once again… Every Sunday at 1pm the Spa is opened to the hundreds of visitors who flood in, meet the various therapists and order treatments.

Only half an hour after opening the spa embarkation tour last Sunday I was approached by a tall, broad guest who introduced himself as Rick and asked if I could handle an emergency case. Although he spoke very quietly the man seemed frightened and anxious. His wife Sandy has just come to the ship and has had an anxiety attack. She wants to get off the ship before we lift anchor at 4.

I posted my embarkation position with Dana, and coordinated with Rick as to where to bring his wife and then I moved quickly towards the spa treatment rooms. Sandy was brought in after only a few minutes. She was professionally diagnosed and treated quickly and effectively.

Sandy is a great woman and a very colourful one. At the end of the first treatment she decided to stay on board and enjoy the Cruise. She signed up and continued with four more treatments and also acquired Chinese Herbs. Word of the dramatic treatment and its positive results quickly spread throughout the ship directly from the mouth of the outgoing Sandy.

This is always good to have at the beginning of the cruise, as the guests meet at dinner and speak of their adventures of the day. Additionally, this time the director of the casino came and thanked me personally because the couple loves to gamble and has thus invested quite a bit of money at the casino aboard the ship. Sandy is also born Jewish - but rather distant from Judaism. Rick converted to Judaism for her and is carrying a huge gold chain with a Chai. He was a little embarrassed when I pointed out to him that he wore the Chai the opposite way Maybe because he might have put it on in front of the mirror It is pretty depressing to see Americans with so many ailments and with addictions to various drugs that are so destructive.

Antidepressants are taken casually by most people. It looks like a conspiracy of the pharmaceutical companies to pump hard drugs into the veins of people who take them eagerly.

Sandler not a relative of Adam came to the Spa Desk and asked to be treated by me, having read my resume displayed at the spa. However, he rejected all my attempts to give him Chinese Herbal Formulas in addition to Acupuncture. They had been trying to have a child for several years now and so far had been through two unsuccessful IVF treatments. Deborah took the fertility treatment with much scepticism and agreed to three treatments, but with Acupuncture alone. It's very frustrating when you have the experience and the solution for the problems of people and they will not at all try it.

This is most frustrating especially when my experience of working so long with fertility problems tells me that's exactly what they need as a solution. Still I'm glad I was able to put a foot in the door and it may be that they will continue with another therapist back home. We talked a bit about the law and much more about resolution of the Israeli - Palestinian conflict.

I can say it is generally harder to work with Americans. Maybe because they are over-marketed in every aspect of their lives. The Baths, Margaret and Maynard, are from Canada and have been together for 43 years.

I met them on embarkation eve standing close to the spa desk and I heard Maynard wants a massage for a chronic back pain he was suffering from for many years. Within minutes he was persuaded to come for Acupuncture as well as a massage. The next day I presented the weekly seminar and Margaret, his wife who attended, joined so that they were treated both with Fives.

Maynard left the ship with a healthy new direction of thought about his medical well-being. Margaret went out with a bag full of useful tools to reduce stress and anxiety. I got to handle quite a lot of couples aboard cruises. Sometimes they come together, especially after a seminar. To advise couples is a very delicate task. In my experience there is always the added value for a couple of marital therapy and insight into their life together, beyond solving medical problems each spouse has separately.

Fortunately I brought back together four couples who came onboard to summarise divorce proceedings. John is a very big man, tall and broad who does everything for the welfare of his wife in an automatic, self-effacing manner. His wife begs him to offer things instead of responding to every wish and whim she brings up.

I tried to explain to John that he must behave in a balanced way if he wants his wife to stay by his side in the future. John is an owner of a private supermarket with 27 employees. She may stop working completely, he claims.

I think this will reduce the stress she was suffering from which is manifested by tinnitus in her ears. Certainly in terms of my career with Chinese Medicine I'm currently at my peak. The knowledge and experience I have now after more than 20 years of practice helps me a lot. I have more and more patients whom I treat by intuition and good rapport, rather than technique. I remember the words of Dr. My healing abilities greatly intensified.

I'm able to quickly diagnose and offer treatment at the highest professional level. I am very self-confident and radiate great charisma. Two out of the three captains aboard the ships I have worked on were treated with Chinese Medicine by me. I'm also working out cardio at least once a week. When I'm not working I think about how to promote the marketing of Chinese Medicine throughout the ship.

The manifestation of all that is evident in the level of revenue I make in return for treatments and from sales of the Chinese Herbal formulas. In my opinion this has reached an all-time record aboard cruise ships. Normally the herb stocks are renewed for every ship every six months. A large portion of patients we are guided to call them guests undergo accelerated healing. A high percentage of it belongs to the set up of the Solstice and the fact that large variety of nutritional possibilities are very easy to obtain onboard.

Many of the guests noted that the treatments of Chinese Medicine are the best thing that happened to them during the cruise. Some write letters of thanks and I zeroxed the best of them and presented them to sceptical cruise guests - and you always get those.

Now these heart warming letters are displayed in my Tel Aviv clinic. Some of the guests have invited me to visit their homes and some have become friends for life. Gottfard is a very pleasant lady who is an interior designer of the upper echelons.

Following dental treatment that injured a nerve in her face she suffers from an intense pain in the right cheek for the last 3 months. Analgesics have become her best friends. She heard my seminar on Monday and decided to come for treatments.

Fortunately, 5 treatments plus accurate dietary guidelines have solved the problem as if it had never been. A Hollywood Wedding - The Solstice had changed its course and direction and headed directly west toward the descending fireball on the horizon. This happened at a perfect timing just as the marriage of Marcus Katz third marriage and Pearl second marriage was announced to the applause of guests.

Everybody enjoyed the real lawn stretching finely over deck 15, the upper deck, also known as the "golf course". Then the captain had to look for the barge that was waiting in one of the islands and was supposed to meet us.

When eye contact was made with the barge it started launching fireworks into the sky for several long minutes to the cheers of the guests and staff. I learned a lot about Marcus from Carrie and Camie a couple who were invited to the wedding and took five treatments each. They told me Marcus Katz made his fortune in student loans. Marcus is so rich and generous that he had invited all guests to attend the wedding at his expense and paid for their suites from his own pocket.

Instead of receiving gifts from his stunned guests he preferred that they contribute to the charity that he runs. Elsa Goldberg a charming 69yr old first cousin from Tucson Arizona, was also treated by me and told me that Marcus 60 is the adopted son of her aunt and uncle, that he made his fortune with his own hands and had not inherited anything from his poor parents who were Jewish immigrants from Eastern Europe.

So it happened that on the morning of the wedding I took care of the bride Pearl 45 and from Nebraska, a real sweetie to relieve her stress and ease the sea sickness she felt.

And the next day after the wedding I took care of Caroline, the mother of the bride who had problems related to menopause. During the following week I took care of Andre an American of French origin , a restaurateur who lives in Carmel, California. He had once worked for Marcus as a chef. His treatment focused on digestive problems, stress relief and strengthening of the kidneys the Chinese. He had started as a chef aboard a ship in the French Navy and always knew he wanted to live in America.

So when he was released from the navy he headed to the states and worked as a chef. I did not see Marcus at all during that cruise - so the man and the legend will remain seared in my brain without a face attached The wedding cruise was the first one following the Atlantis Cruise, a cruise intended only for gay men see Chapter III. Some of the wedding guests were celebrities, so all of a sudden the percentage of well kept beautiful gorgeous women rose drastically. I found myself staring at them in admiration.

I get to talk often with different waiters I meet in The Ocean View. They are from many nations such as Indonesia, Turkey, Honduras, Philippines, Serbia, Croatia, three brothers from Macedonia Ruby and the twins and more.

Their personal stories are fascinating and very skilfully presented, because the guests often ask them about their own countries. For some guests the waiters are the only people they talk to throughout the cruise. Indians for example are divided into two main streams. Hindus who come from Mumbai and Chennai formerly Bombay and Madras respectively and Christians who come from Goa a former Portuguese colony.

It turns out the historical reason Christians from Goa work outside India is due to the fact that for generations they were discriminated against and persecuted by Hindus who opposed the Christian faith. So they were the first to leave for work outside India into the welcoming Christian world.

This tradition has been maintained until today. There were many Goans aboard the Solstice. They are easy to identify due to their Indian features and Portuguese first and last names, like my friend Antony DaCosta aboard the Summit. Most Christians wish to work aboard cruise ships that visit Israel so they may see the Holy Land at least once in their lifetime. Sadok who was perhaps originally called Tzadok? He looks a lot more Jewish to me than many Jews from Tunisia I know We happen to meet in the Ocean View and we talked about Tunisia, Jerba Jews and politics, but from a Tunisian-Sunni moderate and peaceful view.

Bourguiba, Tunisia's first president after its liberation has deliberately chosen not to call the state the Islamic Republic, but only the Tunisian Republic.

Sadok reminded me of the Bourguiba Plan that was rather famous in the s. Only now it is evident how it was ahead of its time regarding a peaceful solution in the Middle East. We did not know then that about a year later, a great revolution will begin in his country, because of a slap, delivered by a lady inspector, to the face of a vegetable seller, who indignantly burned himself to death.

This week was first time in many weeks I could sit with Anna, the spa manager, for a spontaneous, heart-to-heart conversation that was not to do with labor relations.

I understood, between the lines, that she had spoken with G. It was a conversation between two equal people and it was excellent. She told me about her childhood and her relationship with her parents and it was fascinating to see the vulnerable person behind the facade of a tough and demanding manager. What has mainly been achieved through this conversation is an understanding of the complexity of the situation and a mutual respect built into the hard work and focus of both of us for the same cause.

She did not appreciate at all the young girls at the spa who think only, according to her, of the romantic ties with male senior staff on the ship with the work itself as only secondary.

Basically the spa manager receives a percentage of all spa revenues and bonuses if the Target is met Yesterday, Saturday, at Anna announced at the spa staff meeting the summation of the ending cruise and the preparations for the next one.

As usual, she announced the names of the top revenue makers and I was among them. The next thing she said was that she has family problems at home and she has to leave for 5 weeks! I was surprised and also horrified regarding the future. A very strong Spa Manager is like an infantry platoon sergeant in boot camp. You are willing to die for him as much as he is hated by you for all the humiliations and harassments caused by him to you.

The few weeks we spent together were so intense and hectic that it is not so strange there were very strong dealings between us. Apparently I was the only one who had not heard before the official announcement about her leaving.

This is why I was very surprised and a little bit shocked. She thanked the staff and the reactions of the brown noses followed immediately. Sweet Chelsea who had finished a 9-month contract British, 26, massage therapist just had time to say goodbye to everyone, saying the contract made her go through many changes.

Then everyone dispersed quickly, and I went and found Anna in her office. She sat at the computer and typed. Without stopping she said in a quiet and conciliatory tone that she was writing a few lines for the Spa Manager that is coming to replace her. I vaguely remembered our first personal conversation and our last how many years ago was that?

She said quietly that her father had died some time ago and that her mother had threatened to kill herself and that Anna's brother proved once again how incompetent he is and therefore she is forced to stop working for several weeks and try to bring her mum into an appropriate institution.

I was filled with grief and sorrow, pity and compassion for her. She added quietly that the months before she came to the Solstice were hell for her and that she thought that the beginning of the work after the death of her father would mark a new beginning and how she was disappointed because of the constraint to leave now.

At this point I was choking on my emotions welling up with her pain and asked to leave for a moment to compose myself. When I returned she was gone. After waiting several minutes I left a note in which I let her know she was welcome to call me on my mobile or in my room and receive encouragement and support. She did not call and I never saw her again. The Solstice dock - Fort Lauderdale, Florida. To be continued in the Fifth chapter of Solstice my Love.

They have brought with them sophisticated sound and lighting equipment, their own entertainers and even their own Cruise Director. Our preparations for their arrival in the Solstice were like those before the Normandy invasion. However our concerns arising from the former disorderly conduct of those on a very young Atlantis Cruise proved false, the reality was quite different.

They arrived from all over the world and from all over the United States. Only on the Cruise can they really open up and live as they want to. My years of living in San Francisco, where I practiced with many AIDS carriers, along with all the conversations I had with my friend Mickey from the north helped me not to be deterred from them and to gain their trust immediately.

Ironically, my life in San Francisco as a heterosexual minority, sometimes even being discriminated against, allowed me the rare privilege of experiencing being in their shoes. The individual stories were hard ones and I gave of myself a lot. Already in the embarkation spa tour I noticed Hugo French, He is tall, broad-shouldered, walking slowly with what seemed like a lot of self confidence.

He told me of his sufferings due to his great and hidden love for Pascal. Pascal and I are the only ones who know of the truth tormenting him. His wife and children do not know anything. However he had started divorce proceedings from his wife, who does not understand why he had neglected her lately. Every gentle touch to his solid and muscular body created for him enormous pain even though I used the most delicate Japanese needles that we have. To my surprise after the first treatment he refused to continue and take another treatment despite the fact that Pascal his lover continued on to a quintet a 5 treatment package.

I kept thinking about Hugo during the week. Then during the last but one treatment with Pascal I suggested that Hugo might return for one more treatment - and he did. The second treatment with Hugo was with another person: I am not taking credit for all this, it is clear that being on board the Solstice and openly being together was a great influence. I treated him with the most powerful Chinese needles we have and he did not even flinch.

I advised him to reveal the truth to his wife and to consult a child psychologist as to how best to break the news to the children, if at all. I assured him that his wife will be hurt much less if he would respect her and tell her the truth.

And perhaps even relent a bit when she will know his love is for another man. Perhaps she will take it even better than to know she competes with another woman He left me with a promise to tell the truth to his younger brother first and only after that to his wife.

Eduardo, a gay man of Argentine origin, arrived at the embarkation from the Miami offices as an executive officer in order to help Anna manage the generation of more income in the Spa during this uniquely gay Atlantis Cruise. Atlantis Cruise guests are mainly professionals and very successful, usually with no children and with disposable incomes. They are known to be self indulgent and great hedonists.

I stopped writing for a moment to say goodbye to Craig who received five treatments. It was only during our last treatment I learned he was Jewish and had relatives in Haifa. A bit strange with hundreds of men around me happily eating their last meal before leaving the great womb of the Solstice. Eduardo, who is openly gay, had started his career onboard as a cosmetician. He is now one of the company's executives traveling around the world visiting spas on all the ships in the fleet. This of course creates tension between them.

Eduardo is rumored to have a bad attitude towards spa employees by using insulting and demeaning ways to urge them to produce more sales of retail products. Most of the spa employees are professionals in their field - massage therapist, manicurist, hair stylists, cellulite reducers, slimming seaweed users, gym, Botox and of course Acupuncture. Due to past experience with Atlantis Cruise guests, two male massage therapists from other ships were flown in, with the hotel and transportation at the company's expense and were given two practice rooms — one at the expense of a female massage therapist and one at our expense.

The forecast was that gays do not want to use a lot of acupuncture. Fortunately this forecast has changed quite quickly and the confiscated Acupuncture room was returned to us.

So on Monday night, the second day of the week long cruise, there was a meeting of all 37 employees, headed by Eduardo at the spa. He went through the bills of each one of the spa staff regarding the income earned in the two days preceding.

Each one of us was asked how long they had worked for the company and what contract number they are up to at present. He also pointed out some deficiencies in relation to expectations from each one and suggested several personal tips as remedies. He was very professional and practical from business sense. Almost all the staff have not done enough Retail.

He left me as the last of the long list. Then all he said was: Mind you Anna even threatened me again the week before the Atlantis Cruise that she is going to send me home. I took her threat seriously and I've already looked the possibility of volunteering to get through to another ship and paying my way before she'd throw me out I only wish that he had not compared me to the massage therapists, saying I did more Retail than all of them made together. These are things that create resistance and jealousy and I try to avoid them whenever possible.

All patients that I see are offered Chinese herbal formulas. It is simply required in my experience to compliment the Acupuncture treatments with Chinese Herbs at home. It is clear to all that even 5 consecutive daily treatments are not enough to treat chronic problems.

So the comparison to the spa staff who are struggling to sell beauty products in addition to the professional services they give does not have a place and it infuriates the staff towards me and Chinese Medicine rather than creating an incentive to sell more. Lutz, a German-born Australian 57, is now head chef at the Ocean View. It's a great honor. Since he was treated in my clinic we became very close friends.

He points out best and highest quality food of the day to me every day whenever we meet as I arrive in the Ocean View. I had to increasingly use food as a therapy to strengthen the organs that need strengthening against the tension and pressure we are under. The Acupuncture practitioners enjoy better conditions than the rest of the team. We are supposed to work "only" 52 hours a week and can choose the time off work and which port to get off the ship. On sea days the spa works around the clock and there is usually no time to get off.

The rest of the staff work 72 hours a week, sharing their rooms with another woman, unlike us who have a room to ourselves. I dedicate my whole self to the work. This is how one can progress. Most of the spa staff are very young, in their early twenties, and think more of how to have a good time. Therefore there is forever a clash between these girls and the spa managers. I'm not counting the hours of work and do whatever I can accoarding to the needs of the business.

Sometimes when there is pressure and, as I have only two treatment rooms, I even begin to treat before seven in the morning. Sometimes even giving up lunch through lack of choice and continuing until 9pm. Except for San Thomas the other three sites do not have a harbor deep enough. For that reason the Solstice dropped anchor offshore and small service boats tender boats - what a great fun!

San Bart Bartolommeo the French is the most affluent, with brand name stores, women dressed with latest European fashion, shiny new cars and yachts that are just spectacular.

The island itself has gorgeous architecture and everything in it is done so tastefully. A world of difference from all other islands of the Caribbean that are relatively poor. One evening I received a phone call from Anna.

She demanded I get to the spa at to participate in a promotional video clip. The spacious couples massage room had already in it the filming crew, John the Cruise Director of the Solstice with his girlfriend from Netanya , Malcolm the Cruise Director of Atlantis, the representatives of the various spa services and Dana and Anna.

I was the only one who spoke earnestly to the camera on Chinese Medicine, everyone else fell into prostitution in their efforts to bluntly flatter and seduce the best of our sons. Tyson from the gym outdid all with a pornographic style that showed his skills in the art of seduction The released clip came out pretty crazy and funny - the next day I was a celebrity for a day and guests and various staff members opened and said: He suggested that I visit him in the city of Herat before the end of his contract so he could help me a lot, that it's pretty safe to visit and noted that I could merge with the locals if I grow a beard and that hotels and tourist services are rather developed in this city where I was not born unlike the rest of my family… I was very disappointed in the Dominican Republic at Samana.

Everywhere I walked was dirt, filth, poverty and neglect. I traveled the city on foot, spoke Spanish and thanked again my teacher Selma of the Cervantes Institute. I could not buy anything to eat at the local market for the fear of contamination as opposed to always trying the local markets in my travels in Asia or South America.

However, I had moments of sheer enjoyment walking by the beach and onboard the local fast sailing tender boats, where the waves splashed and sprayed over my face. I treated Eugene from San Francisco, a man who works for a pharmaceutical company and claims he sold his soul to it.

Gary from Atlanta was treated too. Gary has an antique jewelry collection and he showed me parts of it. It was nice to discuss gemology and evaluate designs and use of precious stones like Tanzanite, Rubies Sapphires and others. He is a successful restaurateur and arrived alone to the cruise. To his delight, he met onboard his new American boyfriend and he has already been considering emigration to the U.

I realized that almost all the guests in Atlantis are incredibly muscular and spend many hours at the Gym. Some use steroids and other substances in order to appear more muscular. It was clear to me after treating so many that those body muscles are but an armor to cover external and internal vulnerability and a great sensitivity. Gerald, his "spouse" is a transgender a male in the body of a woman and they have been a couple for 10 years.

Gerald was treated by Dana. Giving Emanuel six treatments was very difficult emotionally and mentally. Right from the start, in the first session, I had to shut him up and make it clear who the analyst is and who is the patient.

He just could not stop talking about himself and how he helps others and guides them. He confided in me only after he had asked to hold both my hands and felt whatever he felt. Unlike the impressive external appearance, I diagnosed a systemic weakness that was very evident and he was treated for system strengthening. The treatments were largely intuitive and he busied my mind even after the end of the treatments. His condition improved dramatically from day to day.

After the sixth the three of us took photos. Emanuel wrote to Guest Relations, to the spa and to me an emotional letter that said I saved his life and made me shiver a little when I read it.

Excerpts from a letter by Emanuel: I never thought that acupuncture can have such great healing powers. Before joining the cruise I was dead inside, now I am cured inside thanks to Effi Michelle the Onboard Marketing Manager told me this morning that the letter was sent to her by Guest Relations, she received it with great excitement and it was sent to the offices in Miami. By the way, Emanuel has six children aged from his ex-wife and he is very proud of them.

We kept in touch via Email. A year later they got married and Gerald became Elia after an operation. This world is coming to me with its ailments and I return to it the best that I have. It's wonderful to have such a powerful tool that proves the effectiveness of universal knowledge, non-bias by means of caring for people wherever they are, without discrimination against them on grounds of nationality race or… gender.

An hour and a half to the embarkation of the next cruise, must dash…. To be Continued on Chapter Four…. Another cruise ended on Saturday night aboard the Solstice. I had a very rough week with many changes of fortune. From being sentenced to death on Monday night to becoming the great white hope on Saturday eve. From now on this will become a very typical week during all my time onboard ships - extremely crazy in every sense, without a dull moment and no rest to catch my breath The good news is that in two and a half hours it is going to start all over again Sunday is Embarkation Day.

From the new guests are ambushed to tour the ship's facilities and are exposed to various temptations and traps. The mighty marketing machine of the cruise industry brings them to the Solstice, our home, as a captive audience for a week. It's a mostly affluent audience who wants bread and circuses and perhaps the fulfillment of the other hidden whims. Our role as therapists is to offer them our services and sell them products related to the treatments we provide.

If during embarkation we are exposed to many of the guests and convince them to get free consultations there is great chance that the Cruise would be successful in terms of the number of treatments and the revenue generated from them.

I have a great motivation to succeed here. Professionally it is a great challenge to treat Americans and people from so many countries. Added to it is that since 9 Eleven I wanted to practice in the US again as a token of empathy to all Americans. I wanted to share my accumulated knowledge and experience outside of Israel to see how I fare outside of my familiar turf.

Financially I have to cover the flight expenses and compensate for my absence to my immediate family left behind. The 4 Solstice Class ships have two instead of one Acupuncture therapists , as is the case aboard all other 95 ships of the fleet. So it began as Dana, my American co-worker and I, stopped passers-by and tried to get them to commit to a free consultation later.

That's the difference between fire and water. While in some guests I inserted needles, in others I was touching their shoulders and pointing out the tension, and with some I tried to make conversation and communication while Dana remained passive.

At the weekly emergency drill for the guests began. We left everything and went from deck 12, where the spa is located, to deck 4 and the Grand Aprenei Restaurant where we show guests where the assembly point is. Very quickly, I heard loud voices in Hebrew and the leader of a group turned to me and found out I was from Israel.

Right away he pointed out to me the difference between Ashkenazi and Moroccans in the group. This was a group of Israelis down from Canada. I had not met them at all during the cruise, perhaps because spa services are not all-inclusive When we returned after the drill to the spa all hell broke loose.

Usually on embarkation day we book guests for treatments for the next day and on Sunday evening we only get some consultations with the hope to convert them into bookings.

This time it was different. Paula had booked herself at the desk in my column for treatment at 5. It became clear that Dana was wrong and took Paula for treatment instead of Alejandro. Without too much fuss I took Alejandro in for treatment.

He is a young and successful businessman from Mexico. Right away we formed a good rapport and after several minutes of treatment we agreed he would take a package of five treatments and two types of herbs.

Dana has not done any marketing talk with Paula and did not offer continuity of care through additional treatments. Once out of the treatment room Alejandro "sold" to his wife 5 treatments and herbs and all that without any effort made by Dana Later, standing at the desk I heard one guest speaking with an accent.

He was very friendly and told the desk people he was from New York. At this point I still was not sure but to be politically correct I told him I could hear that he had a "New York" accent.

He immediately recognized that I was an Israeli and spoke Hebrew to me. Within minutes I was told by him and his very funny wife about their 20 grandchildren and one of their daughters who used to live in Israel After a few minutes more, they bought a "package" of six treatments and herbal remedies for weight loss at a great expense. The funny thing was that I tried to convince them not to lower their weight because there would be "less of them" and they fought me back very enthusiastically about my "duty and obligation" to provide this service for them The husband did not stop running his business via BlackBerry, even during treatments.

So I threatened him that if he did not close the device, then I will grab it and throw it into the ocean It made him instantly shut down the machine The two of them were a very kind couple and I had a blast working together and hearing their very funny Jewish humor. A few minutes later we are still in Embarkation Eve I saw a group of four young Germans talking excitedly at the gym and pointing at the shoulder and neck of one of them.

I approached them and asked if any of them has a neck problem that I can solve. After half an hour of deliberation, Friedrich signed a package of 5 treatments.

His heavily accented English was enough for us to talk enthusiastically about European football soccer. It was during the time of pre World Cup in South Africa. The problem he came with has already been solved in the third treatment. James is a cattle farmer from the South and seemed with his cowboy hat as if he just came out of a Marlboro TV commercial.

Despite his wealth he was very kind and very sensitive - the exact opposite of the macho man he looked on the outside. The connection between us was immediate. After a quick diagnosis of the orthopedic pains which he had suffered for twenty years , he signed a package of 5 treatments and herbs. The treatments with him started that very evening.

In addition to that, if the guest wants to show gratitude for excellence, he can add more in his own handwriting on the bill which he signs. On my very first week onboard, Linda the South African beautician, taught me how to present the guest with the bill in a way that it will be marked on by a pen with three X's.

One at the extra tip line, one at the total line including the extra tip and one for signing. At first I was ashamed to do it, because that automatic ten percent seemed more than enough, but soon I saw that everyone else do this and I began doing it too mainly in order not to hurt others. So it happened that I presented to James the bill marked with the three X's.

James looked at it for a moment and then smiling broadly challenged me by saying he never tips extra before he receives the full service. He also added that he is a heavy tipper and that the burden of proof is on me. If I can handle it successfully, he promised to tip me handsomely. I suggested that he inform his bank about the release of his retirement funds in order to stand by his word James has felt better from the first treatment.

He had never been to Acupuncture treatment before. I think he repented and became a true believer…. On Saturday, the last day to Cruise, he begged me to have one extra treatment on top of the five which had ended on Friday.

On Thursday I took a day off in San Martin and gave no treatments , in addition to more herbs, he additionally bought a gel for massage. The next day I ran a seminar. One of the participants was Eva's son RJ, a young man of He came to my seminar with Eva and her sister who later became patients taking fivers and herbs too. JR had begun treatments last week and he continued taking treatments this week too.

His mother Eva was widowed eight months ago and inherited a fortune from her husband, who was killed in a car accident. To ease the grief over the loss of her husband she embarked on a series of cruises over 8 months in various Cruise Lines.

Every week she invites friends, family and relatives to sail and enjoy with her and all is charged to her expense. I first heard of Eva last cruise when she very generously paid for 3 treatments taken by her old lady friend.

This lady recommended RJ to have treatments with me and so it went on. RJ was very interested in Chinese medicine education and employment as an option for him Beyond the professional treatment I'd given him, I acted as a father figure and mentor to compensate for the loss of his father.

On Monday, I began to see patients every half hour in two rooms and so it continued until evening. Because of the heavy pressure of so many treatments, changing sheets, printing bills and signing them, intake of new guests and so on and some delays that are not related to me, the last patient was, after completion of the diagnosis, waiting for me in the treatment room for half an hour.

Then when I arrived she got up and left angrily. And so, at the height of success and madness, as early as the beginning of the second day of the cruise when I had created more income then the last 2 cruises put together, I was called to the office of Anna the European spa manager.

The next thing is, I was told that I was going to get a warning if you get three of them then you fly home and she is seriously considering eliminating one of us to get someone more experienced in our place! I explained quietly how it happened that the patient stayed in so long and I took the responsibility for the whole story and not telling the whole truth. In short, a humiliating experience.

This was said while slamming the door behind me and storming out of her office. I had a very bad feeling.

If in a situation where I treat so many patients who confirm every day the quality of care they receive, I do not get any support but am made aware only of the faults, what will happen when earnings will not be so high? The atmosphere created at the spa was heavy and full of terror, the girls looked at me with suspicion and disapproval and I began to think seriously that all these intrigues and politics were not for me. It later turned out that the entire spa together did not produce revenue of even a thousand dollars that day and Anna and the desk lady had looked for a way to release their frustration.

And so it was the next day when I went off the ship in San Juan Puerto Rico and spoke with my eldest son in Skype in the internet cafe at Starbucks and when he told me he loves and misses me and wants me back — I could not speak and was just choked on my rising emotions for several minutes. That week moved slowly after that, the tension was high and I was ignored by Anna. I worked with extra carefulness, had more and more patients, seminars were given, a few mistakes here and there that I had solved by myself and some affection and laughter with some patients.

Wednesday night I went to see G. The official reason was for me the need to use his office laminator machine so I can laminate the certificates and licenses allowing the practice of medicine in the U.

ישבן ענק סקס חזק חינם -

It was nice to discuss gemology and evaluate designs and use of precious stones like Tanzanite, Rubies Sapphires and. It is so nice to walk around and have some quality time with my beloved. He also added that he is a heavy tipper and that the burden of proof is on me. On Saturday, the end of the זיון חזה להזמין זונה, the overall picture began to emerge. When I'm not working I think about how to promote the marketing of Chinese ישבן ענק סקס חזק חינם throughout the ship. When eye contact was made with the barge it started launching fireworks into the sky for several long minutes to the cheers of the guests and staff. He could not sit with me because he was on duty and I stood with him in the middle of the restaurant, guests flowing around us, the Salmon in my hands, and I'm the little with only two and a half stripes talking to the לסביות סרטים ערביות עושות סקס of the Ocean View as if we have been fighting together in one of those Balkan wars… Predrag told me and the two chilling Salmon that the Serbs are Christian Orthodox belonging to the Pravoslave church and that during the Holocaust, they fought the Nazis and hid many Jews and that the Croats fought with the Nazis and killed Serbs and Jews alike. The Spa manager told me that even she was not allowed to eat there and she did not know who should I ask for the permission, and maybe I'd better stop creating problems and troubles for her as did her Jewish ex-boyfriend Wednesday night I ישבן ענק סקס חזק חינם to see G.

: ישבן ענק סקס חזק חינם

סרטים ישראלים סקס זיון גברים כוס רטוב גייז כושים
פצצות בסקס סקס X Professionally it is a great challenge to treat Americans and people from so many countries. She made sure on the evaluation form completed by the guests at the end of the cruise to praise the work I had done with. The idea is presented to the waiters, cooks, chefs, etc that they will receive a subsidized price for treatments in Chinese Medicine. Anna was sitting across the aisle when I arrived. Mobile users make up for a large portion of internet traffic. When the new Haji returns home to Serbia he adds to his name the סקס ישראלי צעירות צאט הומואים Haji. This is how I got to participate in a live execution.
סרטי סקס אנאלי כואב 18 סקס A kind of attentive silence prevails throughout the Solstice, the decks that are usually crowded, the pools and the Spa are all empty and quiet. But not for long. He advised me not to try to cover up for anybody and take no responsibility for someone. It was only after a long time she calmed down totally. These are locations רוסיות סקס הומואים חתיכים have not travelled in. So it happened that on the morning of the wedding I took care of the bride Pearl 45 and from Nebraska, a real sweetie to relieve her stress and ease the sea sickness she felt. Judith met Ivan in South Africa after he recovered from his shoulder wounds.
ישבן ענק סקס חזק חינם

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